SingleCut Beersmiths & Backacre Beermakers are Coming to Boston!

April 6, 2015


SingleCut Beersmiths

We recently added SingleCut Beersmiths of Astoria, NYC to our portfolio and are thrilled to be able to share this great beer with Boston. They'll be sending bottles up our way approximately twice per month.  Yesterday we launched pre-sales of the Billy Half-Stack IPA.  It is being bottled today (Tuesday, 4/7) and will be in our warehouse Thursday.  We'll be sending it out for deliveries to our retail accounts early next week.

Backacre Beermakers

We have the special honor of carrying a limited quantity of Backacre Beermakers Sour Golden Ale.  This beer is fermented with a mix of cultures and matures for more than a year in oak barrels.  Backacre is then blended from different barrels to achieve a refreshing balance of tart, fruity and earthly elements.  A small number of cases will be coming to Boston next Monday and will be out for delivery late in the week to select on-premise accounts.  This may well be a one-time release in the Boston market, but let's hope not!