Our Vision for a Brewery Incubator

Craft Collective is planning a brewery incubator.  The facility will consist of a shared production brewery and retail tap-room space.  It will be designed to be occupied by several small production breweries simultaneously.  Each separately licensed brewery will brew, transfer, quality control and package their own beer.  

Our services will consist of:

  • Providing the capital equipment (i.e., the brewhouse, fermenters, etc.)
  • Overseeing day-to-day brewery activity (e.g., coordinating production schedules)
  • Establishing and enforcing standard operating procedures
  • Managing the operations of the shared retail tap room space
  • Distributing products of resident breweries

This production model allows breweries to begin operations at our facility quickly, cheaply and scalably.  Successful breweries will move out and build their own facility within a few years.

This is our vision for a brewery incubator.

If you are considering starting a new brewery and want to learn more about our plans, please let us know.